A Time of Growth: 1943-1963

Throughout the second World War, the Community Chest continued to see an outpouring of community support. We continually exceeded our campaign goals during and directly after the War, proving how strong the Omaha community can be in times of need. In 1950, we were one of the few communities to pioneer a national model for a single organization dedicated to all facets of nonprofit fundraising. This new model combined fund-raising with budgeting, planning and allocations - all with one board of directors. We began calling ourselves United Community Services.

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The goal was to make it easier for local donors to make a difference at a variety of nonprofits with one gift annually. We began really looking at the needs in the community and, in 1956, initiated a $2 million capital-fund drive. The drive was the result of an analysis of the 5-year needs of our agencies, and an effort to meet those needs. United Way continued to grow in the community as we increased our role with fundraising and allocations to local programs serving the most needy. 

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