Strategic Plan Committee

This process would not be possible without the assistance of more than 20 community volunteers who are worked together to guide United Way toward a successful future:

Steering Committee

Kenneth E. Stinson, Chair
Terry J. Kroeger, Board Chair
Karen Bricklemyer, President/CEO, United Way
Steven S. Martin, Board Member
Lyn Ziegenbein, Committee Member


Deborah Bass
Mogens Bay
Karen Bricklemyer
Susan A. Buffett
Henry A. Davis
Lance M. Fritz
Donna Garst
Kathleen Gerber
Brian L. Keck
Terry J. Kroeger
Rodrigo Lopez
Steven S. Martin
Michael R. McCarthy
Terry Moore
Susan L. Morris
Daniel P. Neary
John P. Nelson
Dan O’Neill
Kenneth E. Stinson
Thomas Warren, Sr.
Lyn Ziegenbein