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Women's Leadership Council Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Why was the Women's Leadership Council formed?

The original idea for a women’s network began in 2008 with the formation of the Tocqueville Women’s Initiative (TWI). The goal was to develop connections among women of the United Way of the Midlands Tocqueville Society and provide them with opportunities for philanthropic education, input and engagement. In 2010, the TWI Advisory Council decided to expand the United Way women’s network to include women at the Bridgebuilder Society level. Thus, the Women's Leadership Council (WLC) includes both Tocqueville Society women and Bridgebuilder Society women. The TWI continues to exist as a forum for education and engagement for women at the Tocqueville Society donor level, with special events geared specifically for the TWI.

Recognizing the influence women have in economic decision-making, and specifically, in philanthropic giving, United Way of the Midlands will use its influence to focus the power, position and leadership of our women donors. With your help, our WLC will educate, empower and equip our members to create change in the Omaha-metropolitan area and inspire others to take similar action.

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Why should I become involved in the Women's Leadership Council?

The WLC gives you the following opportunities:

  • Align your volunteer efforts and contributions
  • Network with other women business and community leaders who share a likeminded spirit of philanthropy
  • Inclusion in the Women’s Leadership Council educational, social and volunteer events
  • First-hand opportunities to see how your investment is improving lives in the Omaha metropolitan area

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What are the membership requirements?

To become a member of the Women’s Leadership Council, we ask that women make an annual individual or joint (combined with a spouse) leadership gift of $2,500 or above to United Way of the Midlands.

Membership is comprised of both Tocqueville Society ($10,000+) and Bridgebuilder Society ($2,500+) women donors.

Your annual leadership gift to United Way automatically qualifies you for the WLC. No additional membership fee is required.

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Am I required to attend meetings or events?

The WLC has been structured to embrace accessibility to information by members and provide opportunities for involvement that accommodate diverse lifestyles and schedules. There is not a requirement for members to attend meetings or events; your level of involvement is completely up to you.

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How do I become involved in shaping the future of the Women's Leadership Council?

The structure of the WLC encompasses the work of four committees: Community Impact, Marketing & Communications, Membership and Recruitment, and Programming and Events. Your involvement in one of these committees is encouraged! For more information, contact the Leadership Giving office at leadership@uwmidlands.org or (402) 522-7908.

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How do I find out more about the Women's Leadership Council and its community impact initiative?

Contact the Leadership Giving office at leadership@uwmidlands.org or (402) 522-7908 for further information.

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