Referral to Community Supports


Investments provide immediate financial assistance, legal access and referrals to low-income individuals and families who are experiencing a crisis. Individuals are also referred to a network of additional community supports at other agencies/programs to meet their needs.


  • Community Services and Technical Assistance

    The Community Services and Technical Assistance (CSTA) program provides high-quality, comprehensive social service assistance, outreach and advocacy for the Latino community of the greater Omaha area.   In 2015, the CSTA program served 1,467 unduplicated clients through a variety of services.  We learned that the top 5 requested services in the CSTA program were tax preparation services, immigration consultations, forms completion (Medicaid, SNAP, Unemployment, immigration/residency applications), First Aid /CPR classes and pantry referrals.

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  • Family Stabilization Project

    The Family Stabilization Project (“the Project”) will focus on direct legal representation that will improve the health, safety, and stability of our clients.  Legal representation will ensure that low-income individuals have access to basics needs, such as safe housing, financial stability, protection from domestic violence, and access to healthcare.  The level of legal assistance that will be provided to each client will depend upon their individual needs. Representation could include detailed counsel and advice regarding their individual legal rights and obligations or more extended service including negotiations with third parties to resolve legal disputes, preparing legal documents, representation before government and administrative agencies, and court appearances. 

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  • Hardship Assistance

    Heartland Family Service offers Hardship Assistance services out of our Sarpy County and North Omaha offices, providing basic needs assistance to individuals and families in crisis.

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  • International Center of the Heartland

    The International Center of the Heartland (ICH) helps vulnerable new populations, including refugees, immigrants, secondary migrants, asylees and international victims of human trafficking, integrate in the Omaha community by providing culturally-competent, client-centered wrap-around services and advocacy. The ultimate goal of the ICH is to support these New Americans as they gain self-sufficiency.

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  • Material Assistance and Seasonal Services

    The Material Assistance and Seasonal Services Department (MASS) Omaha and the Council Bluffs Corp provide food and material assistance as well as short term intervention strategies to individuals and families who find themselves in a crisis.  Our programs look beyond just fulfilling immediate client needs, our basic assistance services help families maintain their financial and housing stability by preventing short-term needs from escalating into a crisis situation.

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  • Refugee Resettlement Support

    Transition from life in a refugee camp to fast-paced American culture can be overwhelming. The first few months are filled with paperwork, numerous appointments, new information; as well as reunions with family and friends, and a nearly overwhelming amount of adjustment and expectation. Refugee Empowerment Center’s (REC) Resettlement Program assists newcomers in explaining the processes and facilitating the transition to their new homes in Omaha, returning to them a sense of dignity and self-worth that has often been taken away from them during their persecution and encampment.

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  • Refugee Social Services Program

    The Refugee Empowerment Center (REC) provides on-site Refugee Social Service (RSS) programs to assist with the education and integration of newly arrived refugees. These programs empower refugees to obtain information and skills needed to successfully navigate systems and function effectively in their new community, increase their economic self-sufficiency and decrease their dependency on public assistance.

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  • Sustainable Living Project

    Legal Aid's Sustainable Living Project is a first responder to economic crisis, providing practical legal first aid to prevent cascading hardship. For someone living paycheck-to-paycheck, even a small problem can spiral out of control: Utilities shut off, facing eviction, and unable to buy food for his or her children. But a swift, targeted reaction to the first signs of trouble halts this progression in its tracks.

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