March 22: Food Security in Our Community


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Topic: Food Security in Our Community

March 22, 2017

The symposium will focus on the realities faced by many people who live in or at risk of poverty, who experience hunger far too often.  There are multiple factors that influence how much food people have access to, how healthy it is and how often they eat.  Key factors include poor access to grocery stores, quality and cost of food, transportation, nutrition awareness and time. Area experts will examine local and national perspectives on the issue of food security, and explore the community efforts focused on eliminating hunger and increasing access to healthy food. Learn about local collaboration efforts to ensure all individuals and families have proper nourishment to live long healthy lives.

Learn more about Food Security in our community, here.

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Susan Ogborn, Moderator

President and CEO, Food Bank of the Heartland





Craig Howell
Shared Servises Coordinator, Hunger Collaborative


Rachel Olive

Executive Director, Hunger Free Heartland


Adi M. Pour, Ph.D
Director, Douglas County Health Department


Courtney Pinard, Ph.D
Senior Research Scientist, Gretchen Swanson Center



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Neighborhood Stores sited by Dr. Adi Pour at the Food Security Symposium:


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