We recognize this year’s Citizens of the Year and our Corporate Partner Award winners for going above and beyond to help our neighbors in need during the 2022-23 campaign.

2022 Campaign recognition

annual meeting award winners

The 2022 Campaign Partner Awards recognize businesses that went above and beyond to support United Way of the Midlands during the 2022-23 campaign.

Last year, approximately 600 organizations supported United Way of the Midlands during the 2022-23 campaign, empowering us to create lasting change across our community. We believe the following awards capture the unique and varied nature of our partnerships: Volunteer Organization of the Year, New Business Partner of the Year, Corporate Partner of the Year – Leadership Donors and Corporate Partners of the Year.

Because we know small organizations can still make a big impact, the Corporate Partner of the Year awards are presented to companies within four different employee-size categories. Our intent is to award a single winner in each category, but sometimes more than one organization merits receiving this award.

Corporate Partner of the Year: 800+ Employees

Werner Logo

Werner Enterprises held a record-breaking campaign during the 2022-23 season!  Employee participation in leadership levels of giving nearly doubled from 24 donors to 43 donors taking part in the Bridgebuilder and Tocqueville Society. Their overall growth was an impressive 85.61% for a grand total of $334,930!

Werner coordinated an incredible fun and engaging campaign, incorporating many unique special events. They held a raffle, auction, ice cream social and dunk tank with executives. They also became heavily involved in the Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) Nebraska program, even holding a site visit at their office for local area students to learn more about career opportunities in the transportation industry. 

Additionally, Werner embodies the spirit of service, and have been instrumental in volunteering their time to the Shine Bright initiative. And this year, Werner’s Blue Brigade even helped pack United Way’s holiday cards!


Founded in 1956 by CL Werner, Werner Enterprises is now one of the five largest truckload carriers in the United States and a transportation and logistics leader, with more than 8,000 trucks, 24,000 trailers and nearly 13,000 employees.  

OPPD powers Omaha in more ways than you may know. They have been an outstanding long-term partner of United Way of the Midlands and have been incredible to work with on a variety of programs and opportunities over the years. 

OPPD’s campaign is up 41.76% from 2021, for a grand total of $277,912, which is a result of diligent outreach efforts and providing opportunities to give and volunteer time in creative and fun ways for their employees. The leadership at OPPD understands the difference they are making by continuing to challenge the growth of their leadership giving and increasing from 28 to 32 donors at that level. 

They are typically one of the first corporate partners to respond to any community-engagement opportunity that UWM presents to them, and they also run programs of their own to offer support for those who need energy assistance. 

Omaha Public Power District is a public electric utility serving more than 855,000 people in Omaha and 13 surrounding counties in southeast Nebraska. OPPD was formed in 1946 as a political subdivision of the State of Nebraska, taking over the operations of Nebraska Power Company (founded in 1917). In December 2019, the board of the Omaha Public Power District voted to commit to net-zero emissions by 2050. A 400- to 600-megawatt solar array is planned, as is the closing of three gas-fired power units, and conversion of two coal-burning units to natural gas.

Runner-up: Valmont

Corporate Partner of the Year: 200-799 employees

Security National Bank and the Landen Family have been long standing supporters of United Way of the Midlands, and this year was no exception!

With 85% of Security National Bank employees participating in their employee giving campaign this year and their steadfast support of our 100- Year Anniversary – they truly demonstrate their spirit for philanthropy and the community. Overall, their campaign is up 26.22% with a grand total of $121,478, and they added 53 new donors with three of them being at the Bridgebuilder giving level.

Security National Bank was founded in Omaha in 1964 by Clarence “Mickey” Landen, Jr. Today, Mickey’s sons, Jim and C.L., and third generations James Jr. and Jim Huerter, have followed in the footsteps of Mickey with a focus on community-mindedness as a guiding principle for their day-to-day operations of the bank. With the belief that banking is personal, they continue to prioritize providing exceptional customer service, trusted financial advice and making a difference in the lives of those they serve. The bank has now grown to serve communities across the local area, Iowa and in Texas.

Runner-ups: QuikTrip, Olsson

Corporate Partner of the Year: 100-199 Employees

During the 2022-23 campaign, KPMG engaged leadership donors in personal and meaningful ways, growing their membership in the Tocqueville Society from 1 to 6 donors. Dave Anderson and Drew Blossom lead personal outreach efforts to share the profound impact of the Tocqueville Society to uplift neighbors across the community. Overall KPMG’s growth was 24.74% for a grand total of $169,989 raised.  

They are also making it a priority to connect their executive team with Board positions across the community to serve United Way of the Midlands’ partner agencies.  KPMG further embodies this spirit of generosity by holding an annual Day of Service – engaging hundreds of employees in giving back to the community.  

Formed in 1987, KPMG firms now operate in 143 countries and territories, and in Fiscal Year 22, collectively employed more than 265,000 partners and people. KPMG is committed to quality and service excellence in all that they do, bringing their best to clients and earning the public’s trust through their actions and behaviors both professionally and personally.

Runners-up: Koley Jessen, Scoular

Corporate Partner of the Year: Under 100 employees

Headquartered in Texas…Zachry Group typically has approximately 60 employees in their Omaha office.  However, for the 2022-23 campaign year, they had a surplus of employees in Omaha because of several local projects. They engaged each of their employees throughout the campaign, including hosting kick-off events at multiple locations. This resulted in a remarkable growth of 354% with total funds raised of $188,921. 


Zachry Group is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas and was established in 1924.  It was founded by H.B. and Pat Zachry who was former president and chairman of H.B. Zachry Company, the parent company of Zachry Holdings Inc. and Zachry Construction Corporation. Today, Zachry Group specializes in engineering, construction, maintenance, turnaround and fabrication services to the energy, chemicals, power, manufacturing and industrial sectors – and is still managed by a Zachry – John Zachry.


Runners-up: Holland Basham, Union Bank and Trust

New Business Partner of the Year

This award recognizes businesses that recently chose to invest in our community through United Way of the Midlands and did not donate to United Way in the prior campaign year.

KETV is a unique partner with United Way. Even though they do not run a traditional campaign, they have supported our work through in-kind gifts of airtime over the years – helping raise awareness and introducing United Way to neighbors who may not have known about the work we do.

In 2022-23, KETV went above and beyond by doing a Giving Wednesday for UWM in January – providing $52,260 of in-kind donations.  And they even ran a telethon for the first time in years to help raise money for United Way! Today, they continue to support UWM as we celebrate our 100th anniversary with coverage and continued promotions.

KETV is owned by Hearst Television and managed by Shawn Oswald.  They first signed on the air in Omaha on September 17, 1957, and the station has been an ABC affiliate since its debut. In 2015, KETV’s news operations moved into the renovated Burlington Station building in downtown Omaha.

Runner-up: Principal

Corporate Partner of the Year – Leadership Donors

This award recognizes organizations that make efforts to secure leadership gifts from employees, year-over-year growth and those who were able to secure the most new donors at this level  – Tocqueville Society and Bridgebuilders.

Scoular had an incredible record-breaking campaign in 2022-23!  Paul Maas and their campaign leadership team actively grew the engagement of leadership donors, more than doubling their participation in the Tocqueville Society from 6 to 14 members. Because of these leaders stepping up, Scoular had a 55% growth taking their grand total raised to $303,413!

Scoular also actively creates opportunities for employees to understand the impact of their support. From kicking off their campaign with a panel discussion featuring partner agencies, to taking part in UWM’s Good on the Go initiative throughout the year – they make it a priority to expose employees to unique experiences that speak to the real impact of the campaign to strengthen the community. Additionally, the Scoular Foundation provides a generous 1:1 matching gift program to allow each donation to go further in transforming lives across the metro.

Since their founding in 1892, Scoular has been defining what’s possible in agribusiness supply chains for customers and partners around the world. They have grown to more than $9 billion in sales by providing reliable and diverse supply chain solutions for end users and suppliers of grain, food ingredients, animal feed ingredients and pet food ingredients – with networks and innovations in international trade and transportation.

Physicians Mutual has been a long-time partner of United Way. They run an amazing campaign every year with a large team of individuals supported by two executive leaders who are creative, fun and committed to serving our community. Their campaign grew in every way possible this past year: dollars raised, the percentage of employees who gave to the campaign, sponsorship and giving at the corporate level. Their focus on the growth of leadership donors was successful by 4 new donors, 3 of them being at the Tocqueville level! Their 62 leadership donors gave $167,977 of the $402,287 total raised for their campaign!


We are so grateful to Physicians Mutual for their generosity this past season and for the campaign leadership of Stacie and Rob Reed for the upcoming 2023-24 season.


Physicians Mutual was founded in 1902 to provide health insurance to physicians and surgeons across the country who needed coverage.  Over the decades, insurance needs for others began to emerge. Today, Physicians Mutual helps people with their needs for health, life and retirement. 


Runners-up: Werner, Lindsay

Volunteer Organization of the Year

This award recognizes companies who consistently strive to improve our community through volunteerism. The winning company was chosen based on the percentage of their employees who participated in UWM volunteer events during the 2022-23 campaign year. 

During the 2022-23 campaign season, WoodmenLife created space for employees to take part in service from the office by leveraging UWM’s Good on the Go program – numerous times!  Good on the Go lets corporate teams donate essential items our agency partners need. Corporations chose the kit type they would like to donate, the agency recipient…and then teams come together to pack the kits as a meaningful and impactful service project. This year WoodmenLife held three events – engaging more than 200 employees – and donated more than 1,000 kits across the community, for a combined donation of more than $21,000.


UWM believes volunteerism is a key component of a successful campaign, and WoodmenLife proves that to be true with a 7.41% growth from 2021 and  total donations of more than $52,165 to United Way. 


Founded in 1890 in downtown Omaha, WoodmenLife’s mission is to unite hardworking Americans to secure their financial future, while strengthening our communities and country. For more than 130 years, their members have shared a commitment to family, community and country. WoodmenLife offers quality life insurance and retirement products to its members across the U.S.

2022 Campaign recognition

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