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The Alexis de Tocqueville Society is comprised of those donors who give at a level of $10,000 or more annually.

Since the Tocqueville Society was first founded in 1987, they have been championing the work of United Way, giving to those who need it most and encouraging others to do the same. It’s because of their generosity that to date, more than $124 million in Tocqueville donations have been invested back into our community.

Thanks to the leadership of our 2022-23 Campaign Chairs, Terri and Tim Burke, UWM surpassed Mr. Warren Buffett’s Tocqueville Membership Challenge – reaching a record 403 members and increasing his generous match of United Way of the Midlands’ campaign to 10%. We are truly grateful to Mr. Buffett, as this remarkable achievement resulted in an additional $367,000 being invested in our community.

Members of the Society are recognized for their level of giving with the following designations:

Buffett Match: A Momentous Achievement

Thanks to generosity of so many, we reached a tremendous milestone -Tocqueville Society membership reached 373. As a result of this achievement, Mr. Warren Buffett increased his match of the total campaign dollars raised, and hundreds of thousands of additional dollars were invested into our community.

Generosity Makes Great Things Happen

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+ $7.7 MILLION IN ‘21-’22 GIVING (Includes Buffett Match)

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A $10,000 Donation Makes an Impact

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Providing a Neighborhood Financial Stability Center for tax and financial service for low-to-moderate income people

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120 hours of trauma-focused, cognitive behavioral therapy to reunify families

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400 hours of 1:1 job and life skill coaching services

$7.7 Million in Tocqueville Donations Provided Services to People in Need

Over 3.3 million healthy meals

10,000 people have improved physical and behavioral health

250,000 shelter nights

9,500 young people gained fundamental knowledge and skills

10,000 people increased their earning potential and financial resiliency

Tocqueville Society Members

Astrid Menks and Warren Buffett

Carmen and John Gottschalk

Robert B. Daugherty Foundation

Ronald M. Lewer

Peter Kiewit Endowment

Ann and Kenneth Stinson

Sherwood Foundation

Peter Kiewit Foundation

Sheila and R. Ted Weschler

Christina Fazzone and Henry Davis

Edward W. Banister

Dianne Seeman Lozier

Christina Fazzone and Henry Davis

Siemer Institute for Family Stability

Mammel Family Foundation

Brady and Ryan Gibson

Toger Swanson

Don F. Wurster

Cassie and Eric Arneson

Judy and Jack Baker

Cindy and Mogens Bay

Carl Riley Brodersen Charitable Fund

Ann and Jerry Crouse

Julie and Lance Fritz

Rhonda and Howard Hawks

Addie and Robert Hollingsworth

Donna and Matthew Johnson

Julie and Eric Keen

Steph and Jack Koraleski

Gerry and Bruce Lauritzen

Susan and Michael Lebens

Julie and Paul Maass

Kathy and Calvin Meyer

Amy and Mark Patterson

Robert H. Storz Foundation

Stacy A. Scholtz

Ruth and William Scott

Betiana and Todd Simon

Annette and Paul Smith

Deb and J. Keith Spackler

Elizabeth and Kelvin Whited

Krista and Mickey Anderson

Shelley and Roger Barber

Andrea and Trevor Barton

Terri and Timothy Burke

Nancy and Gregory Crawford

Heistand Family Foundation

Duane J. Dowd

Diane Duren and Drew Collier

Sandra and Drew Fossum

Deryl F. Hamann

Joan Squires and Daniel Hamann

Larissa and Richard Johnson

Patricia and Stephen Kaniewski

Patty and C.L. Landen

Emily and Clark Lauritzen

Dr. Amy Haddad and Steven Martin

Gilbert M. and Martha H. Hitchcock Foundation

Linda and Larry Pearson

Kelley and Edward Prosser

Ginny and Martin Reagan

Stacie and Robert Reed

Carole and Mark Sandeen

Lisa and Christian Schaffer

Kathy and Jim Simpson

Martha and D. David Slosburg

Candace and Randy Wood

Ann and Ed Batchelder

Susan Beeghly

Paula and James Blackledge

Susan and Irvin Blumkin

Chris and Ronald Blumkin

Maureen and Nicholas Borman

Esther and Daniel Brabec

Dr. Alka and Bradley N. Buechler

Nancy and Tony Chacon

Susan and Pat Courtney

Linda Daugherty

Melissa and Patrick Duffy

Fred and Eve Simon Charitable Foundation

Tami and Dr. J.D. Fink

Ashley and Christopher Forsman

Allen Fredrickson

Lori and Paul Hogan

The Noddle Family Charitable Foundation

Diny and James Landen

Michelle and Christopher Leitner

Dr. Roslyn and Dr. Peter Mannon

Karen and John Matthews

Nancy and Michael McCarthy

Jenny Mickeliunas

Rita and Don Otis

Robert A. Reed

Debra and Thomas Sanders

Barbara and Ronald Schaefer

Colleen and Scott Schmidt

Kristi and Cory Shaw

Ellen and Richard Slosburg

Polly and Jack Struyk


Kathryn and Dave Anderson

Janel and Tim Andreasen

Tali and Avner Applbaum

Jeanine and Shawn Arkfeld

Kimberly and John Arnold

Danielle and Dr. Michael Ash

Amy and Sean Baker

Jamie Barker

Megan Belcher

Jacqueline and Mark Bendon

Jennifer and Barry Benson

Gail and Dr. Raymond Bergan

Teresa and Scott Binder

Annie and Ken Bird

Dr. Jaime and Michael Bland

Jodi and Eric Blick

Tammy and Andrew Blossom

Lisa Freifeld and James Boles

Kimberly and Prentiss Bolin Jr.

Malorie Bolton

Danielle and Dana Bradford

Joanne and Gerald Bray

Crystal and Brian Brislen

Tami and Patrick Brookhouser

Lori Bruck and Dave Neubauer

Dr. Anne and Stephen Bruckner

Kim and Kenneth Bunnell

Seirra and Thomas Burt

Julie and Dr. Charlie Burt

Morgan and Randall Cameron

Renee and John Campbell

Dr. James T. Canedy

Kate and Michael Carlson

Rkachea and Bruce D. Carpenter

Jennifer and Andrew L. Carritt

Elizabeth and Michael Cassling

Doreen and Joseph Catapano

Chanda and Carlo Chacon

Joan and James M. Chambers

Joan and Bryan Clark

Jodi and Chris Colwell

Fran and Meyer Coren

Patricia and Richard Cornish

Mary and Pat Corrigan

Stephanie and David Cota

Laura and Jason Coyle

Anna and Timothy Cramer

Melissa J. Crawford

Mary and Timothy Crockett

Stephanie and Howard Daubert

Elisa and Drew Davies

Gail and John DeBoer

Leslie and Matthew DeBoer

Michele and Patrick Dees

Carolyn and David Diamond

Judith Mariana and Joshua Dixon

Kate and N.P. Dodge

Meg and Nate Dodge

Jan and Rodney Doerr

Jan and Michael Doiel

Tim Donahue

Ana and Rafael Dorador

Kay and Jon Doyle

Linda and Robert Dreessen

Amy and Kyle Droescher

Lori and Tom Druse

Pamela and David Duzik

Jenny and Matt Dwyer

Rae and William Dyer

Kelli S. Eickhoff

Edwin E. Elliot

Danielle and Grant Empson

Beth and Dr. Max Engel

Alison and Quint English

Jan M. and Rowdy Evans

Jenny and Matt Dwyer

Marshall E. Faith

Jill and David Faith

Tina and Stephen J. Farrell

Kenneth D. Feaster

Darlynn and Tom Fellman

Belinda and Javier Fernandez

Deb and Rex Fisher

Angie and Jason Fisher

Anita and John Fleming

Sara Flores and James Anderson

Scott M. Focht

Shawna and Grant Forsberg

Shelley and Michael Foutch

Elizabeth and Timothy Francis

Dr. Harris and Dr. Jan Frankel

Mary Ann and Stan J. Free

Cheryl L. Friedenbach

Regina Pitaro and Mario J. Gabelli

Christopher M. Garinger

Kathy and W. Gary Gates

Rebecca and Eric Gehringer

Mindy and William Geis

Michael J. Geppert

Kathy and Bill Gerber

Jennifer and David Giandinoto

Danielle and Jeff Gordman

Stephanie and J.R. Gould

Barb and Steven Grandfield

Amy and Gary Green

Anne and James Greisch

Angela and Shawn Greisen

Dr. Jean Grem

Theresa and Bob Gunia

Jamie L. Gutierrez

Marnie and William Hahn

Thomas C. Haley

Jennifer Hamann and Kippy King

Carey and Brian Hamilton

Kayla and Jason L. Hansen

Paulette Harris

Traci and Timothy Harrison

Karen and Kim Hawkins

Marianne and Fred Hawkins

Kathleen and Tom Heaney

Clarence E. Heaney Jr.

Peggy and John Heck

Gregory A. Heckman

Cindy and Scott Heider

Lisa and Terry Helphrey

Amy and John Henderson

Carol Henrichs

Margaret and David Hershiser

Kimberly and Jason Hess

Heidi Higgason and Brad Negrete

Terri and Scott Hill

Julie and Jeff Hinchcliff

Steve Hinchcliff

Susan and Richard Hrabchak

Fred R. Hunzeker

Lauren and Michael Hupp

Shefali and Rahul Jalali

Camille and Mark Jensen

Beth and James Johnson

Alison and J.R. Johnson

Abbey and Eric Johnson

Todd S. Jonas

Kristen and John Kampfe

Ellen Karnett Trust

Jill and Shane Keller

Emily G. Kemp

Andrew Kenny

Marcia and Timothy Kerrigan

Lyle Kinley Jr.

Kari and Daniel Kinsella

Kari and David Kirchhoefer

Renee and John Kizer

Maureen and Richard Kizer

Kent Knudsen

Sandra and Dan A. Koch

Naga Sravana Pedarla and Rama Kolli

Jane Campbell and Steven Konnath

Howard M. Kooper

Hila and Daniel Koppel

Michelle and Daniel F. Koraleski

Wende and John Kotouc

Dr. Christopher and Dr. Jillyn Kratochvil

Rebecca and Kerry L. Kremke

Adah and Leon Millard Foundation

Jackie and Terry Kroeger

Kari and Timothy Kudron

Diane Larkin

Robin and Ken Larsen

Marisa Salinas and Claudio Laterreur

Julie and David L. Lautenschlager

Kim and Kenneth Lawonn

Liisa Lawson-Stark and David Stark

Nicole and Derek Leathers

Diana and Michael Lechtenberger

Trish and David LeCureux

Steven C. Likes

Karen and Dr. James Linder

Juliette and Dr. Steven Lisco

Heidi and Todd Litjen

Tina and Daniel Lonergan

Mary and Rodrigo Lopez

Collette and Andrew Lozier

Corina and Jay P. Lund

Jan and David Madsen

Nicolette and William Manhart

Abby and John Manley

Raveen D. Mansharamani

Christin and Scott Marshall

Theresa and Gregory McDermott

Joan and Timothy McGill

Ashley and Nathan McKown

Tiffiani and Mark A. McQuade

Barb and Todd McQueen

Lori and Nathan Meisgeier

Teri and Matthew Mercer

Casey and Brett Meyer

Tiffany and Galen Meysenburg

Cassling Family Foundation

Stephanie and Matthew Millard

Brandi and Michael Miller

Rondalyn and Robert Mitchell

Martin Mizener

Joseph H. Moglia

David J. Moline

Danene Tushar and Scott Moore

Sherri and Bradley Moore

Cindy and Edward J. Mullen

Kristin and Dr. Guy Music

Shirley and Daniel Neary

John P. Nelson

Kyle and Michael Nelson

Dr. Suzanne and Joseph Nuss

Mary Ann O’Brien and Jason Ramirez

Jerry J. O’Flanagan

Lisa and Stephen Olson II

Valerie and Matt Ondrejko

Alison and Daniel O’Neill

Lisa and Tyler Owen

Tennyson Oyler

Maquiling and Blaine Parkerson

Liza Jane and T. Mitchell Parnell

Loretta and Douglas Patterson

Brooke and Joshua Perkes

Rebecca and Nathan Peterson

Hollye and Terry Peterson

Julie and John Petr

Dr. Cassandra and Gary Pietrok

Lisa and Clark Ponthier

Nancy and Dan Pridal

Teri and Ronald Quinn

Lori and Kevin Quinn

Susan and Royce Ramsay

Lynda and John Reed

Mindy and Tim Reed

Christy and Jeremy Reinoehl

Jennifer and James Richardson

Valerie and Craig Richardson

Anne and Dr. Matthew Rizzo

April and Kenny Rocker

Dr. Debra J. Romberger

Michele and Ron Rowe

Kim and Gil Rowell

Shannon and Jeffrey Royal

Amy and Michael Ryan

Kelly and Todd Rynaski

Kathryn and Aaron Schapper

Lori and Greg Schilling

Polina and Robert Schlott

Teresa and Roch Schmitz

Beth and Harley Schrager

Dr. Pamela and Greg Schwalb

Dianne and John Scott

Suzann and Steve Seline

Becky and Jeff Sharp

Leonard Sherer

Patti and Jeffrey Sims

Robert T. Slezak

Celeste and John Snodgrass

Shannon and David Spargo

Joanna and Kurt Spieler

Jamie and Matthew S. Spyers

Lindsay and Joe Strickland

Marliee and Tim Struthers

Kimberly and Scott Sucha

Carmen and Bob Tapio

Ava Thomas

Ellen and Scot Thompson

Kara and David Tomlinson

Tracy and Matthew Tondl

Mari and Daniel Torres

Tammy and Mike Trilli

Barbara J. True and Sharri Fletcher

Sheila and Tom Trueblood

Julie and John Turner

Gretchen and Steven Twohig

Karamie and Justin Vala

Adriana and Beto Vargas

Bryn and Frank Venuto

Jill and Troy Via

Ione and Larry Ward

Dr. Phyllis Warkentin and Dr. Peter Coccia

Katie and Tim Weitz

Anne and Arnold Weitz

Katrina L. Wells

Rachel and Clarence Werner

Joni W. Wheeler

Alicia and Mark Whitt

Brenda and Kevin Wichman

Jane and Douglas Wignall

Inessa and Rob M. Wilcox

Christine and Clint Williams

Ann E. Williams

Beth and Timothy Wilson

Michaella and Dan Wittmann

Pati and Daryl Wittstruck

Angela and Alexander Wolf

Tara and Brian Woolfolk

Marsha and Mark Wright

Sarah and Adam Yale

Dr. Gail and Michael Yanney

Jill and Andy Yosten

Gina and Tom Young

Jennifer and Christopher Zimmers

Jennifer and Tim Ziola


If you don’t see your name and wish to be recognized, please contact Laura Tatten at or Liz Christensen at We sometimes do not receive individual donor data from corporate partners.