QUARTERLY CONVERSATIONS: Local health executives share with Emerging Leaders

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Emerging Leaders is a United Way of the Midlands affinity group for passionate professionals driven to make a difference through volunteerism, advocacy and philanthropy. Comprised of more than 600 individuals from across the metro, they engage the next generation of leaders to influence positive change with opportunities to dedicate their time, talent and financial resources to make a difference in our community. By supporting the JAG Nebraska program, Emerging Leaders aims to provide in-school support for students to be set up for success in the classroom, the workplace and life.

Quarterly Conversations


Emerging Leaders hosts an event series called Quarterly Conversations, where young professionals can hear from community leaders about the impact of JAG Nebraska and network with change makers.

The latest Quarterly Conversations event was held on April 13, 2023, at the Jewish Community Center. Emerging Leaders heard from UWM board members Chanda Chacón, President & CEO of Children’s Hospital and Medical Center, and Carol Henrichs, Vice President of Patient Care Services at CHI Health, on preventative care for young professionals and access and equity in healthcare.


Preventative screening

Many young professionals may only consider visiting the doctor if they are facing an illness or injury, but attending your annual health appointment with your primary care provider is crucial to long-term health. While the questions a primary healthcare provider asks may seem routine, these are the first steps in identifying potential physical, mental and behavioral health issues.

Finding what fits your interests & abilities

Maintaining an active lifestyle is essential to overall health, but finding time amid a busy schedule can be challenging. Chacón and Henrichs shared that it doesn’t always have to be an intensive program to set you up for success.

Being healthy means finding what fits your interests and abilities. Work-life balance can often be a term that causes people to compartmentalize health and activity from other parts of their life. However, Chacón and Henrichs shared that proper work-life balance should be about integration, not separation. Finding the steps that work for you, often by doing small things in short bursts, is much better than taking no steps at all. It can be as simple as doing squats every time you refill your water or making time for gardening or a walk. The key is to find something that you enjoy and can maintain.

Advice to Young Professionals

Both Chacón and Henrichs shared their professional journeys and gave Emerging Leaders some advice. Make excellence your goal, not perfection. Both women have made incredible progress in healthcare and shared that innovation means you won’t always do it well. You must feel safe enough in your career to fail and pivot when necessary.

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Our most vulnerable youth face challenges that often prevent them from finding success in the typical classroom. JAG steps in with a tailored program of support and services to help students reach their fullest potential and gain an advantage in today’s emerging workforce.


Emerging Leaders members help students grow their professional skills by engaging in various volunteer opportunities, including a mentorship program with JAG Nebraska students. If you would like to learn more about Emerging Leaders’ in-class volunteer opportunities, please fill out the form below:


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