United Way of the Midlands’ Court Referral Community Service Program

United Way of the Midlands (UWM) has operated the Court Referral Community Service Program (CRCSP) in partnership with Douglas County for more than 20 years.

CRCSP is an alternative to jail for individuals who have traffic or criminal violations. The program matches individuals who are required to complete community service with a registered nonprofit that can benefit from help – the community service becomes a form of restitution.

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Our team verifies hours to ensure individuals complete the required number of hours in the allotted time and in accordance with the client’s probation terms.


Based on an average daily jail rate and average stay, we estimate the CRCSP program saves the county more than $1,500 per person.


CRCSP eliminates the need for probation officers to spend time referring clients to agencies and having to verify service hours, which promotes efficiency. UWM’s network of nonprofits means we are able to identify organizations that can leverage this community service to do the most good. Currently, we have 20 organizations, with 36 locations as active options.


CRCSP assists approximately 300 clients annually. With each client serving an average of 75 hours each, this represents over 2,500 service hours for our community.

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Christine Allen
Program Manager


Daily program oversight is processed through United Way, but there’s also a committee of representatives from county court, district court, corrections, administration and probation.

  • Judge Horacio Wheelock – 4th Judicial District, District Court Judge

  • Judge Derek Vaugh – 4th Judicial District, County Court Judge

  • Roger Garcia – Douglas County Commissioner

  • Amber Redmond – Douglas County Corrections

  • Candice Gaines – Douglas County Corrections

  • Colby Barak – Douglas County Corrections

  • Debbie Otwell – Douglas County Corrections

  • Ron Murtaugh – Douglas County Judicial Administrator

  • Steffany Cooper – Nebraska State Probation