A Letter from the JAG Nebraska Career Specialists

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A Letter From the JAG Nebraska Career Specialists

JAG Nebraska Career Specialists know first-hand what students are facing, and how much YOUR gift means to local children.

JAG Nebraska is part of the national Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) program and is supported by United Way of the Midlands. Its mission is to empower students with the skills and support to succeed in education, employment and life.

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Now more than ever, your gift can make an impact today.

We work in classrooms across the state of Nebraska, building trusting relationships with students facing challenges to help them discover, and then stay on, the path to success. We have been able to help many individuals thanks to the support of people like you, including one special Nebraska 12th-grade student.

Before JAG Nebraska, this student was behind on credits and struggling with attendance. He had no prospects for success after high school. Due to the many challenges this student was facing, his options were limited if he didn’t get the support he needed to thrive.

With JAG Nebraska’s programming, we created a series of short-term and long-term plans for this student’s final year of high school. It was not easy, but by the end of the school year this student graduated on time, had a driver’s license and took a full-time job with a local company that our JAG program had engaged with.

The students in our classrooms are capable of achieving every goal they aspire to reach, and they want to earn their way into adulthood – but they need your support.

With your gift, you help young people of truly great promise succeed both in school and on the job – leading to a productive and rewarding career. A gift of just $50 gives a classroom everything they need for their basic needs pantry, but any amount is greatly appreciated.

Today, will you consider giving to improve the future of our youth, workforce and communities in the state of Nebraska?

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Any support you provide helps create a circle of support around the youth in our community, and gives them the helping hand they need to succeed in school, employment and life. Thank you for the genuine care you are showing for our students!

With gratitude,

The JAG Nebraska Career Specialists