Siemer Institute Partnership

UWM’s partnership with the Siemer Institute brings national thought leadership and additional funding to the metro area in support of local two-generation programs. 2Gen programs support parents and children at the same time. With Siemer Institute and metro area agency partners, UWM invests in local programming to prevent family homeless and reduce school instability among low-income families.

The Siemer Institute leverages local area United Way organizations as a vehicle for investment, leveraging United Way’s community leadership and strength as a convening catalyst for change.

UWM is part of a network of 64 partners across the country working to identify community- appropriate solutions. While each program is locally designed and managed to respond to particular needs, we share learnings and build partnerships to accelerate what works.

UWM currently partners with Family Housing Advisory Services to provide programming in Omaha. Together, we are among the most successful of the Siemer Institute’s nationwide partners-with achievement rates in financial, housing, and school stability that are substantially higher than Siemer Institute network-wide averages. UWM intends to build on this success with additional partners, and contribute to the Siemer Institute’s North Star Goal to serve one million children by 2031.

Seimer partnership graphic