A Letter from the United Way of the Midland’s 211 Helpline Team

The 211 Helpline operates 24/7 to connect those in need to food pantries, utility assistance, safe housing, counseling services and more. Read their letter to learn how you can contribute to our mission this holiday season.

Now more than ever, your gift can make an impact today. 

We work in United Way’s 211 Helpline and answer calls from people in need of help. Recently, one of our Helpline Specialists received a call from a father in a difficult situation.

Due to the pandemic, John’s hours were cut back at his job and eventually he was laid off. During this time, he and his fiancé, Emma, found out they were expecting twins and Emma was put on bedrest. John was working odd jobs to make ends meet for Emma and their young son, but it wasn’t enough to cover all their bills.

When John called 211, we helped him find rent assistance and provided information about local food pantries. He told us, “I never thought I’d need to go to a food pantry, but I have to put food on the table for my family.” 

John and Emma’s situation isn’t unique. Before the pandemic, 100,000 people were living in poverty in our community. Now, COVID-19 has truly touched the lives of everyone and our job at 211 is more important than ever. The number of people reaching out to us for help has doubled this year, which means many of us are answering 100 or more calls a day.

We are working 24/7 to provide hope for these individuals and refer them to nonprofit programs that can meet their needs, but we need your support.

Your gift helps your neighbors, including those who call the 211 Helpline, access basic needs, education and financial stability supports they need. A gift of just $50 can provide two weeks of shelter, keep a family’s heat on this winter, cover medication costs for someone ill or provide homework supplies for 10 children.


Today, will you consider giving to one, three or even five people in need?

(Click to give what you can.)


Any support you can provide goes a long way towards helping this community. Together, we can reach a helping hand to people like John and Emma so that more families are safe and healthy this holiday season.

Thank you for the genuine care you are showing for our neighbors during this stressful and difficult time.


With gratitude,

The 211 Helpline Team

United Way of the Midlands

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