UWM Celebrates Community and Impact at Our 2018 Annual Meeting

Nearly 600 attendees helped us honor stand-out individuals and organizations

Confetti? √ Campaign Recognition Awards? √ Amazing Community Partners? √√√

Every year United Way of the Midlands asks community members to join us in reflecting on the past year and what we accomplished together, and goodness did we get a lot done.

Thank you so much to the attendees who showed their support and gathered at the Hilton Omaha to hear investment results and celebrate local organizations and residents who went above and beyond to make our town a better place.

“…the residents of our community consistently dedicate their time, expertise and financial support to those who need it most. This philanthropic spirit cannot be found just anywhere. We understand that it is something organizations like United Way of the Midlands must treasure – and also harness.”


Jerry Crouse, UWM Board Chair

Shawna Forsberg, UWM President and CEO

Throughout 2017-2018, alongside 40,000 donors, 700 companies, 56 agencies and 3,500 volunteers, we helped connect 140,000 residents across the metro to basic needs, education and financial stability support including:

  • Services that help make our schools better because more students are ready to learn
  • Programs that help make our community stronger because our neighbors have what they need
  • Resources that make our metro area healthier because more people have access to healthy food

These critical supports ultimately make our community a brighter, more welcoming place, and THAT is something to celebrate.


Every year, United Way of the Midlands honors a distinguished couple or individual who is committed to the social well being of our community. In 2018, Annette and Paul Smith received this honor for their impressive contributions to the arts, investment in mixed-use developments, and commitment to supporting local nonprofit agencies.



LOOKING BACK on the 2017-2018 campaign year was special because it marked the end of our first two-year funding cycle, which started in 2016. Instead of a traditional one-year grant cycle, this two-year cycle gives nonprofit programs more time to prove efficacy so that donor dollars have the largest impact over time.

For the first time, we also officially recognized companies for their contributions. These awards included the “Volunteer Organization of the Year,” “New Business Partner of the Year,” and “Corporate Partner of the Year.”


Recognizing Excellence

We were honored to give away seven awards to local organizations who went above and beyond to give back.

Volunteer Organization of the Year

New Business Partner of the Year


Corporate Partner of the Year

(under 100 employees)

Corporate Partner of the Year

(100-199 employees)

Corporate Partner of the Year

(100-199 employees)

Corporate Partner of the Year

(200-800 employees)

Corporate Partner of the Year

(801+ Employees)

Sue and Steve Seline chaired United Way of the Midlands’ 2017 campaign where they helped raise $18.7 million to put into vital community programs. She shared her perspective on their work and why it is important to recognize companies who contribute.



LOOKING AHEAD, we expect to far surpass our 2025 goals including providing over two million basic needs services, getting 8,000 9th graders on track for graduation and employment, and helping 565,000 residents achieve financial stability. We are so grateful for the Omaha-Council-Bluffs metro’s steadfast community involvement.

Special thanks to Ariel Roblin, president and general manager at KETV NewsWatch 7, who was kind enough to emcee the event. Thank you as well to the Hilton Omaha for their hospitality, our Board Chair Jerry Crouse for announcing and welcoming award winners, and to Steve and Sue Seline for leading an incredibly successful fundraising year.

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